Celebratory Sauna Session Saturday 18th of November 2017 – theme: Large Linguistics

Fellow Memeticist,

We have reason to celebrate yet again, this time due to advances in our charity work, more precisely related to our ambition to democratize access to large scale linguistic-memetic corpora.

Therefore we would like to have you joining us for a Sauna Session with live jazz by All Good Things Trio!.

Per usual it will take place in the floating sauna in the bay a short walk from our head quarters at Ängsviksgården in Ängsvik, Värmdö. Pre-sauna we will enjoy dinner, drink punch and listen to lightening talks about advances in the science of memetics, aswell as jazz.
The theme of our conversation will be Large Lingustics, until it derails into hitherto unimagined directions.

There will be a non-sauna parallell salon track going on in the Östmar’s Residence for those who due to responsibility for infants or other reasons do not fancy the sauna, but wants to take part in the celebrations nevertheless.

In order to minimize administration and honor the Society’s spirit of collaboration each participant will pay an amount of SEK 200 to cover for food, drink, sauna fee and possible entertainment.

The fee should be transmissioned over a telecom network of your choice by means of the Electrical Monetary Transaction Service Swisch to 070-433 14 85 together with your name and the names of potential guests.

The budget is disposed in such a manner so that each participant may reflect upon what is most important in life, approximately:

Item per cent of expenditures, approx
Food stuff 10
Punsch 30
Fire wood 5
Sauna fee 25
Sauna beer 20
Distractions 10

Approximate Schedule

Time Precedings
17:00 – 18:00 Mingel and live jazz with All Good Things Trio!
18:00 – 19:45 Frugal Pea Soup Dinner, Ligthening Talks and possible entertainment
19:45 – 20:00 Walk in slippery and dark terrain to Sauna
20:00 – 23:00 Sauna Session with conversation + non-sauna salon in Östmar’s residence
23:00 – ? End of official celebrations, possible continuation in Östmar’s residence


If you plan to go by car, please share the ride with others. Use the Telegram Group to sync and we’ll spread the word.

Buses from Slussen to Ängsviksgården leaves e.g. at 16:08

Buses back from Ängsviksgården leaves at 20:18, 21:20, 22:05, 23:32 (last bus).

We will have a designated driver available to escort late stayers to Grisslinge where buses leaves for Slussen about every hour during the nigth.

What to bring and how to dress

Bring a towel to sit on, varm outdoors clothing, preferably wool and – if you wish – gifts and presents to the other participants in the form of extra punsch, beer, candy, water bottles etc. Dress code: practical, outdoorsy. Eccentric dress is highly appreciated!


Children are considered to be just like humans, albeit smaller, in the Society. There is a playing room with toys close to the dining room and the non-sauna parallell salon track is perfect for parents with kids that do not play well with floating saunas with ice-cold water right outside. One, or the only parent can hang in Östmar’s residence with the kids.

/The Clerk

PS. Since English is the new Latin we prefer to use it as a courtesy to our honorable international members.


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