Celebratory Sauna Session Saturday 14th of January 2017 – Cybernetics, Memetics and the Noosphere

Fellow Memeticist,

As we’re sure you are acutely aware of – the society has published it’s first collaborative piece of research:


To celebrate our advances we would like to have you joining us for a Sauna Session courtesy of Ängsviks Bastuförening who kindly put to our disposal the floating sauna in the bay a short walk from Ängsviksgården in Ängsvik.

The theme of our conversation will be the current revival of old and unfashionable ideas such as cybernetics, memetics and the noosphere. Are they actually for real now? Per usual we start with an introduction of ourselves and our connection to the theme at hand. After a short while the conversation tend to derail in a positive manner.

/The Clerk

PS. Since English is the new Latin we prefer to use it as a courtesy to our honorable international members.


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